City as a Spaceship


City as a Spaceship is an all-women collective applying closed-loop system thinking used in spaceship design onto extreme urban realities. We have backgrounds in architecture, physiology, anthropology, design and engineering. Our work is a well-documented thought experiment that explores reciprocities between extra-terrestrial and terrestrial living. The shared, tentacular approach is focussed on the key themes of cities, technology, environment and society. This workshop will be run by two of our team. Sue Fairburn is a design educator and researcher in extreme environments and unfamiliar contexts, living on Bowen Island on the west coast of Canada. Jennifer Cunningham is a design researcher and writer with a background in material culture and design anthropology currently living in Vienna, Austria.

17 May Mon 11:00 CEST

Workshop: Anything-but-human – Mapping Islands, Drawing Care WATCH