How can I participate in a festival event?

If you want to become an active participant, you need to register for each event via a registration button. In case an event is sold out, you still have an option to watch a live stream on our homepage, Youtube or Facebook and ask questions in the chat.

Do I need a festival ticket?

We don’t have one festival ticket, only registrations for specific events. You need to register, if you want to get the Zoom link and actively participate in an event. However, for most events, you can also watch a free live stream on our homepage or Youtube and Facebook channels and ask questions in the live chat. 

Why do I need to pay for some events?

Have you ever signed up for a free online event and then skipped attending? With this small fee, we want to avoid such no-show registrations. Artists joining the Uroboros festival have proposed fantastic workshops that rely on active participation and having an empty room full of no-shows won’t be fair to them. We hope the registration fee (5-2o Eur) will help to prevent this. However, please never ever hesitate to contact us at festival@uroboros.design if you would like to attend a festival event and can’t pay the fee – we will waive it for you.

Are all events in English?

Most of them.
Uroboros will host also some events in Czech. You can find these if you filter the program by program track “In Czech”.

What is #UroborosNest?

It is a snakey shortcut to see how we see each other and rejoice in the online festival experience. Feel free to share the from-behind-the-screens photos during the festival on your social media using the hashtag #UroborosNest. This way you can share your connected nest with every fellow uroborian!

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Send an email to festival@uroboros.design and our team will get in touch with you as ssssoon as possible.