Isabel Beavers


ISABEL BEAVERS is a transdisciplinary artist and creative producer based in Los Angeles. Her work explores ecologies, examines environmental histories and postulates about climate futures through multimedia installation + new media. ​ Beavers’ work has been presented, exhibited, and screened at New York Hall of Science (2020), CultureHub LA (2020), SUPERCOLLIDER Gallery (2020), MIT Museum (2019), Icebox Project Space (2019), Framingham State University (2018), Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin Thaer-Institut (2018), Mountain Time Arts (2017), Emerson Media Arts Center (2017) among others. She has held workshops at the Hammer Museum (2020) and the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston (2019). She holds an MFA from the SMFA at Tufts University and a BS from the University of Vermont. She is currently a 2019-20 Resident Artist with CultureHub LA and 2020 SciArt Ambassador with SUPERCOLLIDER Gallery. She is currently Youth Development Specialist with artworxLA.

17 May Mon 20:00 CEST

Discussion: Feral Creative Practices Panel WATCH
6 May Thu 17:00 CEST

Workshop: Nocturne Altar Hack: Wild Designs for New Eco-rituals WATCH