Hermetechnics Inc.


Hermetechnics Inc. is an imaginary Silicon Valley corporation. Our mission is to download ancient knowledge from the Cloud itself, and use magick to create value for our shareholders. With plentiful VC funding and the correct attitude, we will be able to disrupt the esoteric market using new techniques of divination.

Hermetechnics Inc. was established as a critical investigation into techno-occultism, Silicon Valley startup culture and the role of esoteric traditions in a surveillance capitalist society.

Jakub Fiala is a Berlin-based artist and creative technologist. He specialises in algorithmic, sonic and interactive arts and machine learning. His work was exhibited in the UK, Spain, Japan, Italy and South Korea. In his art practice, he explores the relationship between the natural and the supernatural, and complexity emerging from simplicity.

Karin Valis has several art and experimental music projects, mostly centred around various flavours of Western Esotericism. Her studies center around the Mystical Qabalah, Jung and core shamanic practices. She’s currently engaged in Hermetechnics research project Tarot of the Latent Spaces that explores the possibilities of extraction of the visual archetypes from Tarot using machine learning. In her professional life she is a BE programmer with focus on natural language processing.

17 May Mon 14:00 CEST

Workshop: Arcana in the Feed: Navigating Internet culture with Jungian Archetypes WATCH