Dominika Čupková


Dominika Čupková is a designer, cyberaesthete, and independent researcher on the verge of AI, art, and design. Social media contessa creating content and strategies for East Slovak Gallery, redefining what it means to be an art institution in the digital age. Co-founder & leader of Ladies, Wine & Design Slovakia aiming to establish a conversation between the women in the creative community in Slovakia. She is interested in post-cyber feminism, uncomfortable conversations, and dreams. Sometimes she thinks about her life without the internet. But after all, just a fortuitous constellation of atoms that have chosen to resist entropy for a few moments within cosmic eternity. In her recent work,, she tries to hyperbolize the sociological phenomena of over-apologizing. Apologizing too quickly can come with social consequences—especially for women in the workplace. The project explores an intersection between AI, graphic design, and social studies. Anyone can generate their apology and visuality with a click of a spacebar – living in the moment in the times of corona.

13 May Thu 11:00 CEST

Workshop: On gender & AI: Why are so many robots female? WATCH