Anna Desponds / Philo van Kemenade / Magda Bochenska


Anna Desponds
Polish-Swiss curator and creative producer, based between Berlin and Sokołowsko, a magic village on the Polish-Czech Border. Anna has over ten years of experience in conceiving award-winning events at the intersection of audiovisual arts and digital technology. Since its inception in 2018, she curates the Digital Cultures Festival in Warsaw. At the Berlin-based Catalysts agency, she helps cultural institution design and develop digital strategies. Anna was born as a girl in Poland in the 1980s. She got her first computer when she was around 25 years old. She knows five languages, but all of them natural ones. While wondering: “had I been born a boy, would I be making a project to understand AI through cooking? Or would I rather be trying to learn how to cook by using algorithms?” she developed Cicer cum caule, as part of the 2020 Art House Residency at the Mickiewicz Institute/ Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle. Anna’s professional experience spans from curating events for 30000+ people, to running a micro art gallery in the building of the Polish Ministry of Culture. In 2020 she also received an artistic scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and helped cultural institutions create online programmes for their audiences. In her private time, Anna is a diversity educator, and has run 1000+ hours of workshops and classes. She has an interdisciplinary Master’s in interdisciplinary humanities/ food studies from the prestigious MISH/Artes Liberales at Warsaw University.

Philo van Kemenade
Philo is a Dutch educator and technologist. After having lived across the globe in places spanning from Japan to Slovakia, he currently lives on a houseboat in Amsterdam. He creates tools, stories and things in-between to amplify human connection with arts and culture, often making use of digital collections, storytelling, AI and interaction design. Currently, at the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, he researches and develops innovative interfaces for audiovisual collections. He also serves on the EuropeanaTech AI for GLAMs Task Force. Between 2016 and 2019, he worked at the R&D team of the Slovak National Gallery. From Stone Soup experience design camps, to regularly collaborating with the Mozilla Festival, Philo has conceived, co-designed and brought to life a range of uncommon and meaningful experiences. For the 2021 edition of the MozFest he co-curated the Creative AI Space. He co-founded Sensorium Festival in Bratislava, celebrating humane applications of creative technology in art, design and performance. Philo runs a friendly online community of innovative storytellers with diversity at its core and is working on building tools for intentional community learning. He studied AI at the University of Amsterdam and Cognitive Computing at Goldsmiths College in London. He loves cooking and eating Japanese pancakes.

Magda Bochenska
Magda is a designer, facilitator and engineer, with a focus on technologies behind arts & culture.

8 May Sat 16:30 CEST

Workshop: Cicer cum Caule