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Social Hypothermia

Performance by Boris Vitázek

Audiovisual performance, live-streamed from FUGA, Bratislava.

9 May Sun
18:00 CEST

#newmedia #audiovisual #installation

Boris Vitázek’s latest project was created with the aim of extracting material from the pandemic and social isolation. 3d scans of rooms that people have not left in the last year are connected into a complex space. Inside the apartments, they are turned upside down, exposed to freezing weather in an effort to map the feelings of loneliness and anxiety that have subtly entered the subconscious of the entire population. This space is musically connected by ambient and other genres in an experimental setting. The combination of these elements results in a surreal document.

This output is one of the many settings of this project, which is to be presented later in the form of an exhibition and net art. Supported by the Slovak Arts Council.

Boris Vitázek

New media artist based in Bratislava, Slovakia. His works range from small intimate installations that are designed to be experienced by a single person to a big scale mapping that works with public space and bends the context of architecture in the city. They usually combine visuals and sound to create a tangible atmosphere that completely hijacks the mind of participants and creates unique space dedicated to a single theme. Themes in his work often revolve around privacy issues and social media, religion, science and pure exploration of sound and visual in relation to the audience and its interaction with the performance or installation. He is also very active in the theater scene, designing stages and working with directors on empowering actors to manipulate visuals and sound live on stage.