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Sharpen your pencils! Illustrative drawing as visual activism

Discussion by Fůd magazine

Videoconference of the magazine Fůd focused on contemporary socially engaged illustration. Guests Lucia Žatkuliaková, Valentine Gallardo and Nuka Horvat will present their work and give their thoughts on the role of illustration, independent comics and artzines in initiation of social changes. Followed up by debate with the audience.

13 May Thu
16:00 CEST

#illustration #activism

Videoconference of the magazine Fůd focused on contemporary socially engaged illustration. The event will present the results of the magazine’s six-year activity and three guests who are currently participating in the creation of a new issue on social exclusion. Slovak illustrator Lucia Žatkuliaková will perform, whose work is connected mostly to NGOs helping in overcoming social exclusion and with Slovak publishing house Egreš focused on ecological issues. Other guests of the program will be the French-Belgian comic book artist Valentine Gallardo representing the independent comics and self-publishing scenes and Nuka Horvat, a Slovenian trans queer artist, comic book artist and painter. The conference will end with a moderated debate with the audience.

Fůd magazine

Fůd is an independent magazine on contemporary illustration that focuses mostly on socially engaged topics. The magazine was created as a fanzine of four illustrators at the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem in 2015 and is currently led by Barbora Müllerová, Veronika Homolová and Barbora Tögel. Over the years, it has presented the work of dozens of authors from beginning artists and students to big names such as Mat Brinkman, Daisuke Ichiba, Tara Booth, Dan Perjovschi, Nikola Logosová, Ed Cheverton, Yeye Weller, Jindřich Janíček, Paul Waak, Ida Neverdahl, Alex Medel Calderon or Maria Midttun. At present, the editors publish a single issue every year and organize one thematic poster exhibition.

Barbora Müllerová - Illustrator, curator of the Prague illustration Lustr and university teacher. As part of her doctoral studies, she focuses on socially engaged illustrations, artzines and visual activism. Barbora draws for the cultural newspaper A2, her work often focuses on the themes of nature and landscape.

Veronika Homolová - Illustrator and graphic designer. In her professional life, she works as a graphic designer for the Creative Guerilla studio in Prague and in her free time she devotes herself to self-publishing. Veronika also creates the visual style of the OLDstars on the Roud theater festival in Roudnice nad Labem.

Lucia Žatkuliaková - Slovak illustrator who often work for NGOs and charitable initiatives. Her work is connected with the feminist newsletter Kurník or the Slovak publishing house Egreš focused on ecological issues. Lucia also took part on several projects helping foreigners and Roma children in Slovakia to overcome the language barrier and social exclusion.

Valentine Gallardo - French cartoonist living in Belgium, graduate of illustration studios in Brussels and Ghent. She is a a member of an art collective Tieten Met Haar and a great fan of independent comics and self-publishing. Since 2014 Valentine co-organizes Zine Happening, an annual small press festival in Ghent.

Nuka Horvat - Slovenian illustrator and a comic artist, studying at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana. In their work Nuka often draw on their experience as a trans queer person but they also deal with wider social topics as human rights or fascism. Their work was published in the renowned Latvian anthology Kuš!