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Festival Opening


????Welcome to the Uroboros 2021 festival!????

5 May Wed
18:00 CEST

#festival #opening #lightningtalks

The Festival Opening event includes a short welcome from the curators an a Lightning Talks session where festival artists introduce their upcoming events to each other and the festival audience. The Uroboros Discord channel will be open for discussion throughout the event. This is a good opportunity to meet the artists & the festival crew, get acquainted with the packed festival program, and choose the events you want to attend!

Welcome & Lightning Talks schedule

6:00 – 6:10pm – Festival welcome

6:10 – 6:45pm – Feral Creative Practices track

Isabel Beavers – Nocturne Altar Hack: Wild Designs for New Eco-rituals

Aga Pokrywka – Cyano Automaton

Amira Hanafi – CreaTures Glossary

Iryna Zamuruieva & Elliot Hurst – Pig Mourning Ceremony

Crawlers – A Practical Guide to Ecomancy for the Digital Age

Nadia Campo Woytuk, Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard & Karey Helms – Scaling Bodily Fluids for Utopian Fabulations through Collage-Making

6:45 – 7:25pm – Offsense Gambit track

Andrew Hugill – Parasite Logic and Pataphysical Reasoning for a Working Earth

Dr D. Little & Dr Wu – AI Almanac – Forecasting Space-Time in the Life-Afterlife

David Green, Joseph Lindley & Zach Mason – Seeing Design Research: An Experimental Murmuration

Fůd magazine – Sharpen your pencils! Illustrative drawing as visual activism

Agapetos Fa’aleava, Lan Thanh Ha, Naputsamohn Junpiban, Natasha Narain & Kavita Gonsalves – TransHuman Saunter

City as Spaceship – Anything-but-human – Mapping Islands, Drawing Care

Lena Chen & Maggie Oats – OnlyBans

7:25 – 7:55pm – Synthetic Realities track

Nadia Piet, Karolina Thakker & Erik Peters – Preferable AI Futures: a Speculative Design Workshop

Anna Desponds, Philo van Kemenade & Magda Bochenska – Cicer cum Caule

Lukáš Likavčan & CAS & Digitálne Umenia – Twelve Rules for Cybernetic Life

Hermetechnics Inc. – Arcana in the Feed: Navigating Internet culture with Jungian Archetypes

Dominika Čupková – On Gender & AI: Why Are So Many Robots Female?

7:55 – 8:30pm – Algorithmic Governance

Diffractions Collective – The Derivative Condition

Josef Je – Understanding NFTs

Miranda Marcus – Every data set has a setting

Jakub Lanc – Komplementárních měny

Dominika Knoblochová – #DATAMAZE: Kouzelník design

Martin Zeilinger – On the Conceptual Affordances of Blockchain Art