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Feral Ways of Knowing and Transformation

Workshop on creative tools for sustainable transformations, organised by the CreaTures project.

11 May Tue
11:00 CEST

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What kind of tools and resources do creative practitioners use to situate their practice in the world and make it accessible to others, in generative and engaging ways? Sprouting from the Feral Creative Practices track, this workshop invites creative practitioners working in the area of socio-ecological transformation to share and discuss the resources – cards, cookbooks, manifestos, websites, toolkits and similar – that inform and/or result from their transformational work. These can be tangible, digital or imaginary tools that the practitioners make to help translate the approaches, methods and techniques utilised in their practice so that the practice can be shared and used by others.

In this 2-hour collaborative online session, we hope to gather around the diverse tools and resources brought in by participants and creatively engage with their existing and potential features and meanings – what do these resources do in the world and why? Who can use them and how? How does their use help the practice to grow? What are their limits? Our aim is to develop a better understanding of how transformational creative practices can take place in different social contexts and environments, as the first humble step in supporting a change towards better, more inclusive, nourishing and regenerative futures. 

???????? To participate in the workshop, please send us a one-page proposal including a brief text describing a resource (cards, cookbooks, manifestos, websites, toolkits and similar) that you have used in your creative practice and an accompanying image (optional). Please send this proposal as one pdf to, no later than Thursday 6th May midnight [Anywhere on Earth].

Practitioners with whom we already confirmed their participation at the workshop include Rachel Clarke, Kit Braybrooke, Iryna Zamuruieva, Leonardo Parra-Agudelo, Špela Petrič, Lara Houston, and Emilija Veselova ????????

Markéta Dolejšová, Cristina Ampatzidou, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi & Andrea Botero

Markéta, Cristina, Jaz & Andrea are researchers and creative practitioners working together in the CreaTures project, where they are responsible for all things feral. CreaTures (Creative Practices for Transformational Futures) is a three-year EU funded project that investigates the role that transformational creative practice plays in helping people to imagine and to build socially and environmentally sustainable futures.