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A Practical Guide to Ecomancy for the Digital Age – Ecological Divination #2

Workshop by Crawlers

‘A practical guide to ecomancy for the digital age’ explores systems of narrative making by consulting both traditional magic ritual and scientific futures. Presented as three workshops/performances, Crawlers invites you to invoke the powers of our nonhuman kin to equip you with the necessary tools for reconciling science and magic.

9 May Sun
13:00 CEST

#divination #tarot #reading

Ecological Divination – In the midst of troubling times, we try to make sense of their lineage with storytelling. This might explain the rise in popularity of divination systems like Astrology and Tarot in recent years. The origin of the ecological crisis is disputed, but the schism between science and magic is one node that can be easily traced. The dominator systems of empire, capitalism, organised religion and patriarchy have erased the symbiosis of these paradigms, to the detriment of knowledge.

In this workshop we defy the separation of these practices, by exploring the role of narrative construction via the random arrangement of ecological archetypes informed by the tradition of Tarot. We see cartomancy not as a form of determinism, but as a system of making sense and of finding patterns. We prioritise a safe, consensual and respectful experience for all participants, to offer a reunion between science and magic when it is most urgent.

You will be supported through the Tarot reading by a member of Crawlers in a private, one-on-one setting, but we ask that you bring your own experience to these sessions. The outcome of your reading is primarily determined by your own personal, cultural and/or spiritual interaction with the cards.

????How to attend the divination????

There are 3 Ecological Divination reading sessions scheduled in the festival program: May 8th, 1-3pm; May 9th, 1-3pm; May 16th, 11am-12:30pm CEST. Check the program page and make sure to register for the session that feels right to you. Spots are limited, each reading is performed with one participant only.

???? Please note that this event will NOT be recorded or streamed, the setting is meant to be intimate.


Crawlers is a feral creative collaboration between Lyndsey Walsh and Jess Cockerill. Crawlers is also a writhing, tangled cluster of biological science, visual art, horror cinema, wild technology, new-age mythology and a morbid fascination with the afterlife. Jess Cockerill is an Australian artist, writer and creative producer based in Naarm (Melbourne) with a background in digital journalism, conservation biology and illustration. Lyndsey Walsh is an American artist, designer, writer, creative producer, and researcher based in Berlin, DE. Both Jess and Lyndsey’s creative practices follow an ecocentric approach, drawing on their own experiences of queerness and disability in order to commune with living networks that are either politely ignored or actively rejected under present regimes. Working together as Crawlers, the artists are symbionts - not masters - of their environments: stirring up the debris, composting data, turning over the soil, rewiring the undergrowth.